Painting cups in black and white

An original gift idea: cups with polygon art

If you’re searching for a fabulous present for your best friend, you really can’t go wrong with these striking tea or coffee cups. And if you design them yourself, this naturally makes them all the more special. We painted our porcelain cups with polygon-shaped animal motifs, which are easy to apply with the porcelain brush pen. Just follow our step by step instructions and you can’t go wrong! Once you get started, you’ll no doubt come up with some more ideas for animal patterns that are easy to represent as polygons. Porcelain brush pens in co-ordinated colour sets are ideal for painting on oven-proof porcelain and glass because their special ink has a creamy texture, producing an even finish. When you’re happy with your design, leave the paint to dry for a short while and then make it permanent by baking it in a pre-heated oven. After baking, your cups will be dishwasher-safe.

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Produkte und Materialien

Andere Materialien

  • White cups made of porcelain or oven-proof ceramic
  • “Cat” and “fish” templates downloaded from our website
  • Scissors
  • Water and methylated spirits for initial cleaning
  • Damp cloth and cotton buds to wipe off any mistakes
  • A conventional oven

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