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Mark your leaf

Creative and natural: miniature plants for a table centrepiece

To make a lovely table decoration, not only can you use individual leaves, you can also use the whole plant – like these tiny succulent decorations, for example. Succulents in all their forms are currently very popular. They often have intriguing shapes, are very easy to look after and need very little water. If you’re searching for natural-looking table décor, succulents are a lovely idea and they’ll be a talking point among your guests. They often have fleshy leaves, so when you write on them with fine gloss paint markers, the effect is striking. They make brilliant place cards. Alternatively, why not give some to your host as a green gift that doubles up as a table decoration? Plant lovers will adore them – and so will everyone else! The ink in the gloss paint markers is completely opaque as well as both smear-resistant and waterproof. It writes on virtually all surfaces, including natural materials.

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Natural materials
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  • A variety of succulent plants

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