Postcard motifs in pastel

Beautiful designs in soft shades

Fancy sending a nice greeting to someone by post but don’t have a postcard handy? The best solution is to make you own! DIY postcards and invitations are simple to make from dark or brightly-colourful card, and you can add any designs you like! If you’re using a dark shade of card, you can achieve unique, dramatic effects by using the white edding 1500 pastel pen. And you can even vary the whiteness: colour once to produce a gentle, semi-transparent shade; let it dry and colour over again and again to make it stronger and more opaque. You can use small letters or capitals, shading, decorative touches, stars or mini drawings - just let your imagination run wild! And if you want to show off photos in a frame made of card, the pastel pen is perfect for adding creative touches.

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