Paint your own umbrella

Brighten up rainy days with a splash of colour

It’s great fun decorating your own umbrella! Rather than keeping it for yourself, you could also transform it into a fantastic gift. Effective designs are easy to apply with edding gloss paint markers and, most importantly of all, they’re guaranteed to be waterproof. With your own custom-decorated umbrella, you’ll be looking forward to a walk in the rain even before the grey skies loom! The edding range has recently been boosted by the introduction of gloss paint markers in soft pastel shades, so why not use them to scatter raindrops over your umbrella like a shower of colourful confetti? The new colours include pastel yellow, pastel rose, pastel blue and pastel green. With the aid of our template, transferring the text onto the umbrella is a breeze. Once you’ve done that, simply colour it in.

Besondere Geschenke
Paint markers
Plastic and foil
Easy peasy
Bilder (ZIP)

Schritt für Schritt

Produkte und Materialien

Andere Materialien

  • White umbrella
  • Adhesive tape (optional)

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