An eye-catching chalkboard collage

Capture and frame your memories (but not for ever!)

There are so many lovely ways to record your favourite memories of a holiday or exciting adventure. A picture frame with an integrated chalkboard, like this gold one pictured, gives plenty scope for variation. Smooth blackboards are great for decorating with photos, and they can be written on using special chalk markers for a snazzy look. The ultra fine-tipped edding 4085 chalk markers by Securit make it easy to add brief captions or detailed drawings. They come in 20 vibrant colours, including pastel and metallic shades. Once your decoration is complete, your picture frame will be a real attention-grabber and a stunning feature for your home. And if you want to add new memories to the picture, no problem!  Simply remove the old photos, wipe off your artwork with a damp cloth and get cracking on your next project!

Home decor
Chalk markers
Easy peasy
Bilder (ZIP)

Schritt für Schritt

Produkte und Materialien

Andere Materialien

  • Framed chalkboard (e.g. Gold Board by Securit)
  • A piece of scrap paper for activating the marker
  • Scissors
  • A selection of photos
  • Double-sided adhesive tape
  • A damp cloth for wiping off mistakes, if needed

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