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Materials for life

Textiles play an important role in human life and they have done for thousands of years. The history of products made of fibres, thread and cloth goes back to pre-historic times – the oldest discovered textiles are about 30,000 years old. Originally, they were primarily used as protection from the elements and hazards, but nowadays they are used for so much more.


Creative textiles 

Textiles are everywhere. We sit on upholstered chairs, walk on beautifully carpeted floors, and use textiles to decorate our homes. No dinner table is complete without a tablecloth and cloth napkins, living rooms need curtains and no bathroom is inviting without towels and rugs. 


Textile markers from edding

Many beautiful decoration ideas and gifts can be made a reality using the specially developed edding textile markers. You can write on placemats and individual napkins for a special dinner with the family, add text or pictures to T-shirts or cushions, write your best wishes on a babygro and much more. edding textile markers make it all possible and can easily write and draw on light coloured textiles. Want more inspiration? Why not give an old upholstered chair a new lease of life with colourful decoration, draw on silk cloths, inscribe small bags to keep things more organised. You can even give a simple canvas shoe a very personal touch – the possibilities are endless. 


The water-based ink in edding textile markers is completely odourless. Their colour pigments work and hold best on light-coloured fabrics that have not undergone chemical treatment (finish-free). They are also permanent and by simply ironing (without steam) your little works of art will be wash resistant up to 60° C. Because clothes and other textiles are often exposed to light, edding colours are, of course, also extremely light resistant so you can be sure they won’t fade! The ink does not run and dries very quickly – for clean, precise work. 





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