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Natural inspiration - porous surfaces

Nothing is as diverse and exciting as nature: it creates unique surface and structures that man simply can’t replicate. It also provides materials with very specific characteristics such as terracotta, wood and canvas, which, due to their rough, porous surfaces, inspire the imagination time and again, providing creative challenges for creative minds.

Creating on absorbent backgrounds

Terracotta comes from the Italian for “baked earth”. This product is an unglazed type of pottery and was commonly used by ancient Greeks to create small figures. The yellowish to reddish material is principally used nowadays for window boxes and garden decorations, while its surface can vary from completely smooth to very rough. You can use the edding markers for porous surfaces to decorate and inscribe terracotta bowls, spheres and vases. 


Wood is softer than terracotta, meaning that when painted on it absorbs more colour, depending on the type of wood. However, with the right edding pens you can still decorate and draw on wooden objects without any problem as the pigmented ink stays on the surface of the wood and does not “sink in”. The colour impression is permanent, opaque and powerful. Why not give it a try? Put a new shine on an old wooden dresser with a design of your own making. Perhaps you can even decorate a tray, a wardrobe, a wooden spoon or a piece of driftwood. Whatever you decide to do, you are sure to enjoy the beautiful results! 


Canvas is a cloth made of plant materials. In general, the canvases sold to artists are pre-primed, usually in white. Of course you do not have to paint “oil paintings” on these canvases as they are also suitable for modern images like colourful wall paintings or abstract patterns. This poses no problem for edding pens.

edding pens for porous surfaces

The semi-matt ink used in edding pens for porous surfaces stands out because of the special colour pigments used. They remain opaque on the surfaces and feature particularly strong colours. They are water-based and thus odour neutral. Plus, these pens produce excellent results on other rough surfaces, for example: wallpaper, primed wall plaster and leather. 

Terracotta, card, wood and canvas

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