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Porcelain, ceramic, and oven-safe glass

Paint and colour glazed ceramics, porcelain and heat-resistant glass

Paper does not have to be the only surface you can decorate with creative colouring, writing and designs. Thanks to the New edding 4200 porcelain brushpens from edding you can now decorate your kitchen crockery sets, jars, eggcups and containers and it’s so easy with the choice of colours available to harmonise with your table decorations and home décor to create a wonderful environment at home.

Smooth and glazed surfaces

Porcelain has a long history: archaeological findings prove that more than 3,000 years ago the Chinese were the first able to form and fire filigree pots. The explorer Marco Polo brought the fragile discovery "white gold" of lore from the Far East to Europe and he named it "Porcella", from which today's English word “Porcelain” was derived. 

The luxury item was sought after by noblemen in the 16th century, after its "re-discovery". The costly ware was then no longer to be imported from China, but produced by a German alchemist and a chemist at home according to the will of European rulers. 

Porcelain treasures were inherited by many families due to their high value, but today porcelain is mass produced. It has a smooth, often somewhat translucent surface, and is now used to produce anything from a simple mug to a valuable dinner service. 

Ceramic can also be finished with a glaze to make it waterproof and smooth, making it ideal for storing foods, easier to clean and not as easily damaged. Glazed surfaces have properties similar to those of glass, but are not transparent, therefore colouring ceramic can result in beautiful results.

The edding for colouring porcelain

The edding 4200 porcelain brushpen is the New specialist pen for colouring on smooth surfaces such as paint and colour glazed ceramics, porcelain and heat-resistant glass, and it is ideal for both fine and broad work. An even colour distribution is always achieved with is flexible brush nib and water-based, odourless, lightfast ink. After heating in the oven at 160° for 25 minutes, your designs will be dishwasher-safe.

Please keep the following advices in mind before, during and after decorating porcelain:

  1. Before decorating, clean thoroughly in the dishwasher and use a detergent or denatured alcohol to remove fingerprints or traces of grease.

  2. As you decorate, make sure there are no unnecessary fingerprints underneath the ink as you apply it.

  3. Only use the brushpen for decorative purposes. Avoid decorating areas of the porcelain that are used for cutting, eating or drinking. For example, only decorate the rim of a plate or the outside of a mug.

  4. Daily cleaning: avoid friction, rubbing and scrubbing by positioning the item in the dishwasher so that it is not in contact with other items of crockery or cutlery.

Porcelain, ceramic, heat-resistant glass

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