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Paper - a material with tradition

Have you ever stopped to think about it? Almost 400 million tonnes of paper are produced around the world every year. In Germany alone, people use an average of 250 kilos of paper each year. This material, which was discovered around 200 BC, was originally a waste product from silk production. Today, paper is made of vegetable fibres, mainly produced from wood. 

Being creative with paper

We encounter paper in many forms every day: as newspapers, menus, posters, bank notes, toiletry items, and plenty of other things besides. But in addition to these very practical uses, paper can be used in so many creative ways! Children absolutely love crafting, cutting out or painting paper aeroplanes or little figures. And this is a fascination that can last a lifetime. If you enjoy writing, drawing or being creative, you will find the countless projects with this diverse material. 


In today’s world of digital communication do you still maintain the wonderful, ancient art of letter writing? Many shops sell special paper designed specifically for letter writing (this variety is typically 80 g/m²) in many classic white shades and other, stronger colours. 

Do you enjoy creating personalised invitations, greetings cards, thank you notes or menus? Then use the more stable varieties – from 225 g/m², commonly referred to as card. Do you want to inscribe the cover of your notebook or recipe collection?


Do you enjoy making a gift of self-inscribed or decorated calendars, bookmarks or photo books? The right sort of paper is available for each of these activities and you can count on edding to offer the right pen for each type of paper. 


It is easy to be creative with edding on white and light coloured paper. edding pens for light coloured paper and card stand out particularly well because of their special, water-based ink. On the one hand they guarantee bright colours, and, on the other, prevent the ink from smudging or bleeding through to the back of the paper. Whether you want to draw tiny details or fill large areas, sketch individual words or create elaborate calligraphy, whether on paper or card, edding has the right pen for you:

Light coloured paper and card

Suitable products for this surface