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Creativity on smooth surfaces

Who says you can only write, draw and paint on paper and other soft surfaces? Hard, smooth surfaces such as glass, metal and plastic can be a fantastic source of creative inspiration. The attractive contrast between a hard surface and artistically drawn lines give many decorations and furnishings their special appeal.

Writing, drawing and painting on glass, metal and plastic

Glass is one of the oldest materials known to man. As long ago as 1600 BC, man was using glass to fashion tools. As technology progressed, this unique material was used to create decorative objects and containers. An elegant Prosecco bottle or an unusually shaped jam jar can be excellent starting points for unique and imaginative decoration and gift ideas. Christmas tree baubles are more personalised and festive when they are hand painted. There is so much inspiration available! When armed with an edding marker, the only challenge is coming up with a design! 

Metal objects often have a hard, remorseless look. However, if you draw on a few flowers they will have a far cheerier effect. An unsightly old bicycle looks far better if you cover it in polka dots. And a zinc plant pot can be transformed by simply adding a few creative squiggles. But will the ink stick? Of course – if you use an edding pen! 


Nowadays many casings, containers, and decorative objects are made of plastic, a synthetic or semi-synthetic material. Even the blandest container can be spruced up with a little imagination – and an edding pen. For example, by labelling it with its purpose “lunch”, “hair pins”, “bits and bobs”, you are already bringing some life to it. More often than not, a few simple ideas are all you need – and, of course, good quality pens.


edding pens for smooth surfaces

Pens with unsuitable ink make writing and drawing on these and many other smooth objects problematic. However, it is easy with the edding products developed for this purpose. The ink contains special binding agents that will make your little artworks durable – even on glass and tiles. All 7 pens are also available in especially strongly opaque, high quality metallic colours. Overview of the pens in this category:

glass, metal and plastic

Suitable products for this surface