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Add a little colour to the background

Whether it is on product packages, book covers or in advertising: text and images stand out far better against a dark background. These tinted or dark coloured paper and card shades are achieved by mixing colour pigments. 

The possible uses of dark paper shades

Be inspired by the tricks used by packaging and advertising professionals: use paper shades with warm, friendly colours for your home-made greetings cards, gift wrapping, place cards or gifts such as handmade bookmarks and photo frames. Colourful paper is perfect for protective covers for school books, making learning more fun for kids, while home-made calendars are even easier to read when they use a different colour for every month of the year. These are just a few examples of the possible uses of coloured paper, because the possibilities are endless. 


Writing and drawing on dark coloured paper: no problem with an edding

Choosing the right pen is an important decision to ensure that text and drawings have maximum impact on these small artworks. Inks must have a higher opacity to show up on dark coloured backgrounds. The inks used in this category of edding pens were developed specifically for this purpose and contain particularly bright and strong opaque colour pigments. This is easy to see when going over pencil drawings as nothing of the pencil line or dark coloured paper underneath remains to be seen. Additionally, all 7 pens are available in especially strong opaque, high quality metallic colours. These colours also work very well on textured papers. 


These markers are fitted with different nibs which, along with the ink’s characteristics, help create wonderful results. For example, with the calligraphy nib there is no easier way to create stunning calligraphy. The special chisel nib makes the characteristic, brush-like flow easy. You can learn how it is done here. The ink in these pens also sticks to smooth surfaces – such as photos – without smudging. And best of all: these pens are very easy to handle. 


Dark coloured paper and card

Suitable products for this surface