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edding 1340 brushpen

Thanks to its soft, flexible brush nib these fibrepens make colouring and sketching a joy. Effortlessly create fine details and broad strokes, even over large areas. The e-1340 brushpen is also ideal for achieving stunning brush lettering techniques. By changing the pressure on the brush nib, you can create broad downward strokes by applying heavy pressure or fine upward strokes by decreasing the pressure.

As the ink is water soluble, you can create fantastic watercolour techniques on absorbent paper. Thanks to the flexible nib, you can also use them when working with stamps, applying different colours and tones. The pen contains an odour-neutral, water-based ink and is ready to use as soon as you remove the cap.

Product characteristics

  • Stroke width: Varies depending on use
  • Nib: Brush nib
  • Available in 20 different colours
  • Ready to use immediately
  • Ink: water-based ink
e-1340 brushpen colour mixer

New brushpen colour mixer

Colouring 2.0: Mix 2 of the e-1340 brushpens colours with the new, innovative brushpen colour mixer to easily create even more colour shades.

Firstly, clip the pen that you want to colour with at the bottom of the colour mixer. Then, slowly apply pen of the colour you want to mix it with to the top of the colour mixer until nibs are touching slightly. Hold upright! The longer the nibs are touching, the more colour passes to the lower pen. Normally between 1 – 2 seconds should be sufficient.

Now remove the lower pen and off you go: Colour a larger area or create brush lettering with a vivid new colour effect!

e-1340 brushpen colour mixer

Want to create a graduated rainbow effect? After you’ve applied your first colour, simply exchange the lower pen to the top position and add another colour to seamlessly create your stunning rainbow effect!

Please note, the brushpen colour mixer is only available in both boxes of the Colour Happy Edition.

e-1340 brushpen colour mixer



Explore the possibilities of the new brushpen colour mixer!

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Try colours from one colour scheme, e.g. blues and greens, or colours close to each other on the colour palette e.g. yellow and bright reds to achieve complimentary colour shades. Colour shading is more visible with light and bright colours.

edding Colour Happy Box

edding Colour Happy Box

Up to 190 colour shades from just 20 brushpens and new brushpen colour mixer for free!

edding Colour Happy Big Box

edding Colour Happy Big Box

Want more colours, more nibs, more technique? Try the Colour Happy Big Box! 69 perfectly coordinated pens plus the new and innovative brushpen colour mixer.