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edding 1200 metallic colourpen

Give your drawings and writings a metallic effect with our metallic colourpen. This marker is ideal to write on dark coloured paper or paperboard, as well as glossy coated paper. Whether you want to write your own good luck message on a dark coloured card, put a caption in a photo-album or add a loving personal touch to a calendar – it is all so easy with this product. You can also write and mark passages with this metallic colourpen. It is the ideal tool for creating easily readable name tags or other letterings with a classy touch.

The 1-3 mm wide, soft round nib of this fibrepen is available in 6 different colours. These colours are dissolved in a water-based ink and then passed through a filter system into the nib of the pen before being applied to the surface. Once applied, the colours are vibrant and cover well. The quick drying colour is characterised by its high lightfastness.

Product characteristics:

  • Stroke width: 0.5 - 1 mm

  • Nib: bullet nib
Available in 24 different colours

  • Ready to use immediately

  • Ink: water-based ink 

  • Replacement nibs: no