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Handmade wedding guest book

Thoughtful gifts for newlyweds: Handmade wedding guest book

A handmade wedding guest book makes for a beautiful personal gift and a wonderful alternative to shop bought varieties. Featuring the classic heart symbol for love and marriage, this is the perfect addition to any loved one’s wedding day. The canvas is stylishly designed to incorporate the names of the bride and groom and is then placed on display at the wedding reception for guests to sign. With edding calligraphy products  every guest can leave a message that will last forever and ultimately make the final wedding guest book entries, greetings and  design truly unique. Our edding 1255 calligraphy pens are available in three different line widths and five bold colours, perfect for encouraging expressive handwriting - not only at weddings!


What you need to make your handmade wedding guest book:
Step by step guide to making a handmade wedding guest book:
  • Using a pencil, sketch out the shape of a heart on the canvas.
  • With red or crimson acrylic paint, colour the canvas background (around the heart). Remember: Don’t forget to paint the edges of the canvas!
  • With the flexible nib of the edding 1455 calligraphy marker, write the names of the bride and groom across the top of the heart. 
  • Place the canvas in a suitable location at the wedding reception, leaving several edding 1255 calligraphy pens nearby for guests to use when signing.

Special tip: The edding 1255 calligraphy pen with three line widths is available in sets of three of the same colour.



Wedding guest book

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