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“Just Married” wedding bunting

“Just Married” wedding bunting

Dream wedding in white and gold

The big day is edging closer. The invitations are sent out and the menu selected. A wedding is the one day when everything simply has to run smoothly, with nothing left to chance. Now is the time when the happy couple can focus on planning the finer details of their special celebration. Homemade place cards, bunting and menus are not just fun to design, they also add to the excitement in the run-up to the big day.

To make your wedding bunting, you will need
  • Printed craft paper with a fine pattern and we also suggest gold and white
  • edding 751 gloss paint markers (approx. 1 – 2 mm) and edding 750 gloss paint markers (approx. 2 – 4 mm) in white and gold
  • Letter template, optional (downloadable from our website and printed on card)
  • Pencil, scissors or craft knife, ruler, hole punch
  • Matching ribbon
  • Scrap paper
It’s so easy

Start by activating a new edding gloss paint marker as follows:

  • Shake the marker firmly with the cap still on
  • Place the nib on some scrap paper and carefully pump it up and down a few times until ink fills the nib
  • Try a few test strokes with the marker on the scrap paper
  • Always replace the cap securely after use!
Step-by-step instructions
  1. To make the pennants, cut out squares of craft paper measuring roughly 20 x 20 cm
  2. Mark out the triangles with the ruler, starting at the top left-hand corner and finishing at the centre bottom of the paper. Repeat the process, starting from the top right-hand corner. Cut them out using the craft knife or scissors
  3. For the words JUST MARRIED, you can create your own letter templates out of card or use ours, downloadable from our website
  4. Cut out the templates and place them on the individual pennants. Draw round them in pencil
  5. Using the fine 751 gloss paint marker, go over the edges of the letters and then fill them in
  6. When you have finished decorating, punch holes in the pennants top left and right and thread the ribbon through

Hints and tips: There are so many ways of making bunting to bring glamour to your party venue. Small white and gold circles look very festive and can be decorated any way you like with the help of edding gloss paint markers.

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