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Living room wall

Creative wall decorations

Whether you use quotes or poetry, this wall decoration idea is guaranteed to set the right scene in your living room - and it is easier to create than you might think.

You can create this beautiful wall decoration in your own home – with edding markers and our step-by-step-guide.


To create this attractive wall decoration, begin by priming the wall area. It is recommended that you use a colour that coordinates with the colour of the writing. In our example we used brown to match the dark brown and white writing. The painted areas should be completely dry before you start writing.

The individual letters and motif templates can be designed on a computer and then projected onto the wall using a projector if you have one. Alternatively, place tracing paper under the printed template directly on the wall and trace the motifs.

Use guide lines on the wall to keep your writing straight. Go over the projected text on the wall with the edding calligraphy marker with flexible nib in dark brown. The ink dries very quickly, it is water and smudge proof and extremely lightfast – it won’t fade.

The ink in the edding matt paint marker offers great coverage, and is also particularly suitable for dark backgrounds. Apply the brown writing with the edding calligraphy marker first, and then the text with white letters.

Text: Share music, precious moments, happiness, love, harmony, time and life.

If you want to learn more about calligraphy, we recommend our Calligraphy Training. Here you will find various calligraphy exercises to help improve your skills.

Living room

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