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Summer chairs

Creative Summer fun with edding textile markers and pens. 

Whether in your garden, on the patio or balcony, we all have our favourite spot for sunbathing and relaxing with a good book in the summer. Why not add a personalised touch to the scene by designing your own look for your favourite garden chair? All you need is a folding chair with a canvas back, a bit of imagination and edding textile markers.

To decorate your summer chairs you will need:
Step-by-step instructions: How to decorate your garden chairs professionally with the edding textile marker:
  • First, you need to come up with a suitable slogan – our suggestions include “beach break”, “lifeguard” or “take a break”, but you can, of course, be as creative as you like.
  • Before you start we would recommend washing the seat cover to remove any finish. This will make your decoration more permanent.
  • Allow the seat cover to dry thoroughly. Then place it on a piece of cardboard slightly larger than the area that you wish to decorate, so that nothing seeps through.
  • Now you can write your slogan with the edding textile marker or the edding textile pen. If you wish, you can use the templates in these instructions: simply copy them to the size you require and place them between the cardboard and the light fabric.

  • Fix the design on the fabric by ironing it for a few minutes without steam. This will help it withstand wash cycles up to 60°C and will prevent the ink from running if the chairs are left out in the rain.
  • Put the seat cover back on the chair frame and your chair is finished!

Summer chairs

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