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Painted glass jars

Painted glass jars

Smoothies for a summer party

Smoothies aren’t just a great way of getting a vitamin boost during the colder months, they’re also a big hit as a delicious drink served at summer parties. Whether it’s mango and passion fruit, orange with strawberry or banana served with a touch of mint, a smoothie can combine a delicious mix of flavours to suit any taste! And, as we all know, a drink should look as good as it tastes: by adding hand lettering beforehand using edding gloss paint markers, you can create really eye-catching glass jars for that fresh, outdoor vibe.

To decorate these jars, you will need
It couldn’t be easier

Before you start, here is how to activate the edding gloss paint marker:

  • Shake the marker firmly with the cap still on
  • Place the nib on some scrap paper and carefully pump it up and down a few times until ink fills the nib
  • Start with a few test strokes on the scrap paper
  • Always replace the cap securely after use
Step-by-step instructions
  1. Practise writing your chosen wording on a sheet of paper first, to see which style you like best
  2. You can make the letters rounded or angular, use script or block lettering, colour them in or leave them blank
  3. If you are using a template, copy it to the size you want, place it inside the jar and secure it with masking tape
  4. Using the gloss paint marker, draw the outline of the design and then colour it in
  5. With hand lettering you can use a combination of large and small letters, or make individual letters two-coloured so they stand out. There are no set rules – anything goes!
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