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Garden lights

Create an ambient look for your garden and patio with edding gloss paint markers.

Surely there is nothing more pleasant on a warm summer evening than relaxing in your garden, patio or balcony. And wouldn’t the scene be even nicer with summer decorations to suit the occasion? Glass lanterns and oil lamps are particularly suitable for this – they provide a warm light and if you use scented candles they will also keep mosquitoes at bay. Why not decorate the lamps and lanterns with your own personal design? It’s both quick and easy with edding gloss paint markers.

To decorate your garden lights you will need:
Step-by-step instructions: How to decorate your garden lights -with the edding 751 gloss paint marker or the edding 780 gloss paint marker.
  • Place the clean, dry lamps on a solid surface and hold them firmly at the top.
  • Decorate the garden lights. Floral motifs are particularly suitable. Take inspiration from the template in these instructions (You can also find them here). Note: Use one colour for each lamp and create a stunning effect by placing them together in a group

Tip: If you like the motif on your garden lights, why not use it for other decorative objects, for example a string of fairy lights made from paper (see photo)

Activating your edding gloss paint marker correctly:
  1. Shake the pen firmly with the cap closed. 

  2. Pump the pen’s nib carefully up and down on a piece of scrap paper until ink runs into the nib.

  3. Try a few strokes with the marker on the scrap paper.

  4. Don’t forget to always put the cap on again firmly after use.


Garden lights