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Garden apron

Dress to thrill - decorate your own garden apron with edding textile markers and pens.

Working in the garden is a relaxing activity for many people, but it can also get a little messy. Handling plants and soil often makes a garden apron a necessity so why not give this practical item a personalised, colourful look by adding your own design? A personalized design will leave no one in any doubt about which gardening apron is yours!

To create your own garden apron you will need: 
  • A plain-coloured apron made from cotton or almost all untreated light textiles.

  • The edding 4500 textile marker and edding 4600 textile pen in various colours that contrast as starkly as possible with the base colour of the apron – complementary colours will have the greatest impact. Complementary colours are colours that are opposite on the colour circle devised by Johannes Itten: red/green, for example, or blue/yellow. 

  • The edding textile marker (stroke width: 2-3 mm) and the edding textile pen (stroke width: approx. 1 mm) are available in 20 different trend colours. These two extremely light-resistant products leave a lasting impression even on linen, jute, silk and numerous blended fabrics.

Step-by-step instructions: How to decorate your garden apron professionally – with the edding textile marker and pen:
  • First, you need to come up with a slogan for your apron: how about “king of the garden” or “hedge master”? Let your imagination run free! Write the slogan on the apron with the edding textile marker or the finer edding textile pen. To be able to wash your garden apron: set the lettering/design by ironing it for a few minutes without steam. Once done it can be washed up to 60° and the colour will not fade.

  • Why not add your own personal design to other textiles for outdoor use - how about a sun hat or gardening gloves and garden chairs?

Garden apron

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