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Spring decorations

Spring fever: give trays and flowerpots a fresh look with some creative spring designs – it’s easy with an edding calligraphy marker.

No matter what winter brings, just remember that spring is just around the corner. Welcome the colourful season into your homes with simple, yet impressive decorative ideas with our handy self-help guide and our edding calligraphy marker.

To create a fresh look on plant trays and flowerpots you will need (materials, tools):
  • Objects that you already have in your house and garden that could do with a make-over:
    • pots
    • wooden trays
    • picture frames
    • garden decorations made from wood or clay.
  • Suitable cards, tags or signs to add colour.
  • Acrylic primer in your favourite spring colours – these should be light to reflect the season, while pastel tones are currently hugely popular.
  • The edding 1455 calligraphy marker with flexible nib available in 5 brilliant colours.
Step-by-step instructions: Here’s how to decorate your spring decoration using edding calligraphy markers :
  • Prime your selected objects with acrylic paint according to the paint manufacturer’s instructions and allow them to dry.
  • Sketch the decorative patterns lightly with a pencil, or simply draw them freehand. Be as imaginative as you like or use one of our templates for inspiration. Tip: try writing extracts from poetry books or single words that convey the feeling of spring.
  • Go over your pencil sketches with the edding calligraphy marker. Work with our interactive online Calligraphy Trainer  and practice try out freehand writing. Remember: practice makes perfect. 

Spring decorations

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