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Wooden wall clock

Timeless beauty - decorate your own wooden wall clock with edding matt paint markers. 

Rustic wooden decorations such as an antique wall clock are a regular feature of home decoration magazines. But where do you find them? And what do you do if you can’t afford them? Why not make your own? With our self help guide and range of edding matt paint markers.

To create your own wooden wall clock you will need:
  • A suitable wooden backboard (for example, a piece of driftwood or fruit crate).
  • A suitable hanging device for your wooden backboard (not required for the fruit crate, since this hangs by itself).
  • A clock mechanism – various sizes and designs are available from craft shops. Find one that fits the size of your desired clock face and don’t forget the batteries!
  • Wood primer and sandpaper of varying grades to achieve the antique look you are after.
  • Variation: You can leave out the priming and sanding stages if you like how the piece of wood looks naturally. The edding matt paint markers for porous surfaceswork brilliantly on untreated surfaces. 
  • A hand screwdriver or small electric screwdriver for attaching the clock mechanism, and a pencil for sketching. 
  • The edding 4040 matt paint marker (fine nib) and/or the edding 4000 matt paint markers (broader nip) for drawing on the clock face.
Step-by-step instructions: How to decorate your wall clock using edding deco markers: 

• Prepare the face of your clock. Clean the wood by simply sanding it if it is too weather-beaten, dirty or uneven.

• Drill the hole for the clock mechanism and then draw a circle to mark the radius of the clock hands. Tip: Check that the radius of the circle is the same as the radius of the clock hands, so that the numbers on the clock are not too close or too far away from the hands.

• Mark out the clock face lightly in pencil. Take inspiration from our pictures and give the numbers a traditional look by write them out in words or using Roman numerals. A combination of these can also look very good. A sample of Roman numerals from 1 from 12 is available to download (link to PDF).

Activating your edding matt paint marker
  1. Shake well. 
  2. Remove cap. 
  3. Place the tip on a piece of scrap paper and slowly pump up and down until the tip fills with ink. Stop pumping when the tip is saturated with ink. 
  4. The pen is now ready to use. If the colour does not cover the surface thoroughly enough, shake again.
  5. Go over the pencil drawing on the wood with your chosen matt paint marker. Allow to dry thoroughly.
  6. Now attach the clock mechanism and suitable hanging device and your clock is finished.


Your clock will also look great simply lent up against a wall on a ledge or shelf.

Wooden wall clock

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