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Make-up bag

Lovely make-up bags for your bathroom made with edding textile markers. 

Decorating and designing your own make-up bags or  fabric storage boxes is a simple, yet effective, way of instantly adding that personal touch to any bathroom or dressing table – they also make wonderful gifts for loved ones!

To create your own personalised make-up bags or fabric storage boxes you will need:
Step-by-step instructions:
  • If you are making the bags and boxes yourself, you can decorate the fabric either before or after sewing.
  • Lay cardboard between layers of the fabric so that your design only appears on the side you want it, then draw your favourite design on the fabric with the edding textile marker. Allow the design to dry and iron (without steam) for a couple of minutes to fix it. 

  • After it has been fixed, your design is washable up to 60°C and the intensive colours of the edding textile markers will not fade.

Make-up bag

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