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Glass vases and lanterns painting ideas

Ultra Violet, Colour of the Year 2018, is inspiring new creations and colour schemes.

Beautifully shaped glass vases, lanterns and tea-light holders are perfect for decorating with your favourite patterns and designs. This time, we’ve chosen to use the Colour of the Year – Ultra Violet – which symbolises ingenuity, originality and inventiveness. Inspired by this deep purple shade, we went hunting and found the perfect colour in our range of gloss paint markers. Thanks to their opaque, paint-like ink, these markers are ideal for use when painting glass as well as on virtually all smooth, dark surfaces. The ink dries quickly, meaning you don’t need to worry about smudging or running. Simply decorate the glassware with dots and lines arranged in a pattern. We recommend washing your painted glass objects carefully by hand so your designs will stay looking lovely for longer.

You will need:

  • Glass containers e.g. vases, bottles, tea-light holders, lanterns
  • edding 751 gloss paint marker (approx. 1-2 mm stroke width) in violet
  • Protective piece of paper or card which you can also use for priming the paint marker
Just follow our simple guide:
  1. Get all your materials ready. Before you start, here’s how to activate the edding gloss paint marker: Shake the marker firmly, remove the cap and gently pump the nib up and down on the test paper until the ink appears. Try out a few strokes on the paper first.
  2. Now decorate your vase with the violet gloss paint marker. We recommend that you start your design at the bottom in the middle and draw upwards from there, adding the vertical and horizontal lines in blocks.

  3. The more rows you draw, the better the effect. Whenever you need more ink in the nib, gently pump the paint marker from time to time.
  4. You can paint your glass vases and lanterns in coordinating patterns using dots, lines, triangles or whatever else takes your fancy – just go wherever your imagination takes you!