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Design storage jars made of porcelain

Personalised porcelain storage jars

Beautiful accessories for your kitchen

A kitchen shouldn’t just be a practical place to work in, it should also be a space to feel good in. You can create this environment quite easily with just a few attractive, personalised accessories. Take these hand-decorated storage jars for example, by adding simple pretty motifs to them, your kitchen will feel much more homey. To decorate the porcelain containers, we recommend using edding porcelain brushpens - they are suitable for all kinds of motif. They come in a range of beautifully-coordinated colours, and the special ink has a creamy texture to ensure smooth application and even distribution. Once you’ve finished the design, leave the ink to dry for a short while, then bake the item in a preheated oven to fix the colours. After baking, the design will be dishwasher-safe.

To design your porcelain jars, you will need
  • 1 set edding porcelain brushpens. There are 3 sets to choose from: cool blues and greens, warm reds or assorted colours. All the pens are available individually, too
  • White storage jars made of porcelain or oven-proof ceramic
  • "bird_1" and "bird_2" stencils, which can be downloaded from our website
  • Water and methylated spirits for initial cleaning
  • Damp cloth or cotton buds to wipe off any mistakes
  • Conventional oven
Step-by-step instructions
  1. For best results, clean the porcelain with water first (ideally in the dishwasher) and wipe over with methylated spirits. Thorough cleaning is essential in order to remove any (invisible) protective film applied during manufacture.

  2. Only decorate the outside of the jars, leaving the inside unpainted.

  3. The tip of the brushpen is very versatile, so you can create very fine lines or broad brush strokes. 
For fine lines, it’s best to use the brush-shaped tip of the pen, and to make broader strokes you need to hold the pen flatter.

  4. We focused on decorating in black, adding little birds and a text-filled background to the jars. But if you prefer a brighter picture then you have lots of colours to choose from.

  5. Don’t worry if you make a mistake, you can simply wipe it off with a damp cloth or a cotton bud. You can continue to make corrections right up until it goes into the oven and the design is then fixed.

  6. Once you have finished your design, leave the jar to dry for 15 minutes. Then place it on a cold oven rack, slide it into the pre-heated oven and bake it at 160°C for 25 minutes. Leave in the oven to cool afterwards.

  7. After baking, your personalised jars will be dishwasher-safe.

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