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School cone

A school cone to remember – turn your child's school cone into something very special this year with edding matt paint markers.

In Germany it is traditional for children to be sent back to school or start school with a school cone filled with small gifts and sweets to share with new class mates.

The first day of school is an important moment of every child’s life. It is a day that sticks in the memory of us all and one that should be cherished. As well as meeting new school friends, new teachers and getting to grips with a new learning schedule; students can also look forward to showing off their school cone filled with sweets and play things and what could be nicer than a school cone decorated lovingly by a parent for their child? The edding matt paint markers are ideal for this.

To decorate your school cone you will need:


Step-by-step instructions: Here’s how to make and decorate your school cone with the edding matt paint marker: 
  • Roll the card into a cone shape and glue. Leave to dry before decorating.
  • Cover the blank school cone with the light green coloured card.

  • Now you are ready to decorate your school cone with the blackboard design. Cut out the blackboard frame with rounded corners from the brown coloured card and stick black coloured card behind it.
  • Use the edding matt paint marker to add lines and writing to your blackboard, e.g. “Top of the class” or something similar.

  • Position the blackboard at an angle and fix it in place using double-sided sticky tape.
  • Stick crepe paper around the inside of the open end of the cone.

  • Attach the sponge to the cord and glue cord to the top corner of the blackboard – your school cone is finished!


Activating your edding matt paint marker correctly: 
  1. Shake the pen firmly with the cap closed. 
  2. Pump the pen’s nib carefully up and down on a piece of scrap paper until ink runs into the nib.
  3. Try a few strokes with the marker on the scrap paper.
  4. Don’t forget to always put the cap on again firmly after use.
School cone

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