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Design Invitations

Birthday, anniversary, celebrations – make them special with homemade invitations!

Whether a balloon design or a larger-than-life “5” for your child's fifth birthday, invitations can be beautifully created and written with the brilliant colours of the edding 4000 matt paint marker.


You'll need the following to design your invitations:



Here's how to do it:

You'll need a strong sheet of construction paper in bright colours and an edding matt paint marker. Cut the construction paper into 11 cm wide (card width) and 44 cm long strips. The final folded card measurement is 11 x 11 cm. Fold the long paper strips three times like an accordion so that they fit the square measurements. Now you can begin decorating the card. Children will also have fun working on these, though remember that the matt paint markers are waterproof and will not wash out of clothing.

We drew large, colourful balloons on the orange card. Cutting the edge of the card to fit the balloons creates a striking effect. Don't forget to write the start and end times as well as the location for the party. On the front of the card, the name of the guest should shine in large letters. The highlight of the card is the small balloon with a self-made cord. Use our template to cut the balloon shape from a piece of dark brown paper and glue it together with the twisted cord above the name.

Have fun!


To activate the edding matt paint markers correctly:
  1. Make sure the cap is secure then shake the marker well.
  2. Place the writing nib of the marker on a test surface and pump by gently pressing on the top a few times until the ink runs into the nib.
  3. Write a few lines on the test surface.
  4. Always remember to put the cap back on after use.



Design your own invitations

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