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Children's bedroom wall

Cheerful colours from A to Z.

Children often have very specific ideas about what they want on their bedroom walls. With the edding calligraphy markers, you can realise every child’s perfect design. The designs aren’t just reserved for the walls, however, and pieces of furniture can also enjoy a creative touch as edding calligraphy markers are water and smudge resistant on surfaces such as wood, canvas, cardboard or terracotta

Your little ones will love these wall decorations – they’re easily made with edding markers.



To create this colourful wall decoration, begin by priming the wall area. It is recommended that you use a colour that coordinates with the colour of the writing. In our example we used pink to match the carmoisine writing. 

The painted areas should be completely dry before you start writing. The individual letters and motif templates can be designed on a computer and then projected onto the wall using a projector if you have one. Alternatively, place copying paper under the printed template directly on the wall and trace the motifs.

Next, go over the letters with an edding calligraphy marker with flexible nib. You can sketch the little butterflies lightly with pencil and go over them with the calligraphy marker. If you want to learn more about calligraphy, we recommend our Calligraphy Training. Here you will find various calligraphy exercises to help improve your skills.

Children's bedroom

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