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Small gift bags

Small gift bags for all occasions made with edding fibrepens.

A beautifully packaged surprise or small gift is guaranteed to go down well, whether it is for your best friend or your mother. This is especially true if you have made the packaging yourself. This paper bag is easy to make and helps add a touch of originality to your gift. Let edding show you step by step how to make your own personalised and extremely cute gift bag with very little effort.

You will need (materials, tools):
  • Paper in the colour of your choice, tracing paper, pencil.
  • edding markers and pens for decorating. The edding 1200 metallic fibrepens are ideal for creating metallic effects on dark paper. If you do not wish to create a metallic effect, you need the edding 4040 matt paint marker which offers particularly good coverage for dark coloured paper colours. For light coloured paper we recommend the edding 1200 fibrepen in a choice of 24 colours, or the edding 1455 calligraphy marker, available in somewhat more muted colours. Its flexible, somewhat broader nib creates beautiful decorative effects in no time at all. 

Step-by-step instructions:
  • Decorate your paper with the edding markers before folding. If you wish to use a particular pattern (such as the one shown here), use tracing paper and transfer the pattern with a sharp pencil. Then go over the pattern with the edding marker. Folding the bag is very simple and the individual steps are shown in this picture.

  • You can also make gift tags for different occasions such as Christmas yourself from coloured paper or card. Cut different sized tags as required. After decorating them with edding markers, punch holes in the tags and attach them to the bag using a suitably coloured ribbon.


Before using your edding marker, first you need to activate it. The matt paint marker’s ink offers full coverage, so even coloured or dark paper can be decorated attractively. 

Activating your matt paint marker:  

Shake, pump, draw: The edding matt paint markers use a simple valve system. Activate your matt paint marker as follows: Shake the pen firmly with the cap closed. Next, pump the pen’s nib carefully up and down on a piece of scrap paper until ink runs into the nib. Try a few practice strokes with the marker on the scrap paper. Don’t forget to always put the cap on again firmly after use.

Small gift bags

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