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Paper gift bags

The most original gift packaging is quick and simple to make with edding fibrepens. 

We’ve all been there – you want to give someone special a small gift, such as freshly baked cookies at Christmas, but you haven’t got any suitable gift packaging at hand. edding shows you step by step how you can make and decorate a personalised and extremely cute gift bag in just a few minutes. All it takes is a few simple steps and an edding 1200 metallic colorpen.

You will need (materials, tools): 
  • A sheet of paper. For a smaller gift bag (suitable for 3-4 chocolates, for example) A4 size paper is sufficient. For a larger bag, ideal for cookies, use A3.

  • edding fibrepens in metallic colours are ideal for decorating as the shiny effects offer perfect coverage, even on dark paper colours. The edding 1200 metallic colorpen is particularly suitable for this. For lighter coloured paper we recommend the edding 1455 calligraphy marker. Its flexible, somewhat broader nib creates beautiful decorative effects on the paper in no time at all.

  • If you wish to seal the bag, all you need is a hole punch and a length of thin ribbon.

Step-by-step instructions: Here’s how to decorate your gift packaging creatively with an edding fibrepen:
  • Decorate both sides of the paper with your edding pens. Use simple patterns, wavy lines or repeated text such as the word “LOVE” or the name of the person you are giving the gift to. Symbols for special occasions are also suitable, such as Christmas trees for Christmas gifts. Remember, only parts of the pattern will be visible when the bag has been folded. If you decorate the paper creatively from both sides, your gift bag will be patterned both inside and outside. Of course, you can still add finishing touches after you have finished folding, e.g. little hearts, stars or dots.
  • Fold the sheet as described in the following 12 steps. If you want, you can punch a hole in the top and tie the bag closed with a pretty ribbon.

Paper bags

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