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Handmade wine labels

Beautifully designed handmade wine labels – decorate and personalise wine bottles with edding calligraphy pens and markers. 

What could be nicer than sharing a carefully chosen bottle of wine on a cosy evening with family and friends in the comfort of your own living room? On these occasions creating the perfect atmosphere and ambience is paramount. So why not also give the wine its own character by adding a label you have calligraphed yourself? It’s easier than you think with an edding calligraphy pen or marker. You can even go a step further and use the same beautiful font to create place cards, greetings cards or menus to ensure the evening is a complete success. 


Tip: A bottle of wine with a unique, handmade label makes for a wonderful personalised gift.

What you will need for your personalised, creatively designed wine label: 


Here’s how to decorate your own wine label using an edding calligraphy pen or marker:  

  • Cut out a label of the correct size from the  light coloured paper. You can use the size of the original label on the bottle as a guide, or choose a larger size so that you have more space to write.

  • Add your text to the label with the calligraphy pen or marker using large letters. By using large letters and not leaving a space in between, you will increase the graphical impact (see picture). You can increase the impact even further by using all of the paper right up to the very edges. We have prepared a sample alphabet for you.

  • Soak the original label off the glass bottle with water and then dry the bottle. Alternatively, a label spray is available to purchase for labels on which a non-water-soluble adhesive has been used. Stick your own label to the glass bottle with glue or another suitable adhesive.

  • Creative tip: If you want to learn the basics of calligraphy, the art of beautiful writing, then take part in our online Calligraphy Training with graphic designer and calligraphy expert, Birgit Nass.

Handmade wine labels

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