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Easter eggs in black and white

Easter egg painting

If you’re still looking for a quick and easy decoration idea for Easter, just take a look at these eggs. We decided to go for a cool black-and-white theme, and to complete the look we added some silver and gold patterns. All you need for Easter egg painting is half an hour of your time, a selection of edding matt paint markers and some blown-out eggs. Not only are they beautiful as a table decoration, the eggs will look just as great hanging from a branch indoors – or even outdoors in the garden, because designs drawn with edding matt paint markers are weather-proof and lightfast, making them ideal for garden decorations.

  • Blown-out eggs
  • edding 4000 (2-4 mm) in black
  • edding 4040 matt paint marker (1-2 mm) in black, gold and silver
  • Thin wooden stick
So simple to make:
  1. To blow out an egg before decorating: pierce holes at both ends of the egg and carefully use a pin to enlarge them slightly. Blow hard through one hole to remove the contents. Next, rinse out the shell with clean water.
  2. To hold the egg in place for painting, carefully insert a wooden stick into the holes (a skewer is ideal) so you have access all the way round.
  3. Here’s how to activate the edding matt paint marker before use: Shake the marker firmly with the cap still on. Place the nib on some scrap paper and slowly pump it up and down a few times until ink fills the nib. Try out the marker first with a few test strokes. And don’t forget to always replace the cap securely after use.
  4. And now for the fun part... the decorating! Use the matt paint marker to draw rings, spots and other patterns.
  5. The best way to make a triangle pattern is to cover up thin strips and colour in the areas in-between with the finer edding 4040 (more experienced users can do this freehand, of course).

Handy tip: If you prefer brightly-coloured eggs, then edding matt paint markers are still the right choice because they come in 12 semi-matt, waterproof shades.