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Personalised Wishes

Birthday greetings that are sure to please

No greeting card should come from the store, especially not a birthday card. Oftentimes a greeting card is more valuable than the actual gift, particularly when it comes straight from the heart. For sentimental greetings that guarantee a happy birthday, only two things are needed: gloss paint markers from edding and cardstock in different colours. 


Here is all you will need to make your personalised birthday cards:
Here's how:

Our leaf motif can be transferred to the front of your card with the help of copy paper. Shake the edding active-paint with the cap on, and go! For larger areas, the edding 75B active paint is ideal. When adding fine details or ornaments, choose the edding 74M active paint. The coloured pigmented ink is fully opaque and has a wonderfully brilliant shine on dark paper.

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