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Birthday card idea

Handmade birthday card with hand lettering

These upbeat birthday cards come with a guaranteed wow factor, and will be sure to delight any recipient. What’s more, making the cards will only add to your excitement ahead of the party. Far from being tricky, writing cool sayings, cheeky phrases or loving wishes is a piece of cake when you use the flexible edding 1340 brush pens. The Colour Happy Box contains everything you need to create a collection of cards for any occasion: the edding 1340 brush pen in 20 intense colours, plus the clever new Brushpen Colour Mixer which you can use to mix up to 190 shades. With the help of the edding brush pens, even beginners will soon master the art of hand lettering for birthday card designs – all it takes is a little practice.

  • Colour Happy Box with 20 edding 1340 brush pens (plus the Brushpen Colour Mixer)
  • Several sheets of paper or bought pre-folded cards
  • Scissors
Step-by-step instructions:
  1. First, cut out your card to the right size or use the pre-folded cards.
  2. Before you start adding the lettering, we recommend that you practise a few exercises with the brush pen. By applying varying amounts of pressure to the nib, you can achieve thinner or thicker strokes.
  3. Pick out your favourite colours and write your choice of birthday greetings. You can mix together any colours you want using the Brushpen Colour Mixer.
  4. You can also achieve striking effects using a combination of block letters and script handwriting.