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Best wishes

Add a personal and elegant touch to your greetings cards with edding calligraphy markers and calligraphy pens

Birthdays, weddings, anniversaries or Christmas ... greetings cards are required at various times throughout the year. From spring Easter greetings, right through to winter Christmas best wishes, there is always an occasion. Why not add a personalised touch to your greetings cards and impress your friends and family with your creativity? It’s simple with an edding calligraphy marker and calligraphy pen.

For your personalised cards you will need: 



Step-by-step instructions: How to create your greetings cards with the edding calligraphy marker and calligraphy pen
  • Cut the coloured card to the required size
  • Combine the strengths of the edding calligraphy marker and the calligraphy pen by writing, in large letters, the word “Wishes” with the edding calligraphy marker, and the smaller, more personal words with the edding calligraphy pen, which gives a thinner line.
  • When you have finished writing on the coloured paper with the marker pen, you can place a folded piece of tracing paper over it for an elegant look. Alternatively, you could also write only the large word on the green card and the small words on the transparent paper if you prefer.

  • Complete your greetings card with a length of ribbon in a matching colour by passing it inside and outside along the folded edge and tying it in a bow.

  • To help inspire you, we offer you a sample alphabet and motif patterns to go along with these instructions.

Tip: In our “Calligraphy Training” – a free online course with calligraphy expert Birgit Nass – we show you in detail how to use our calligraphy products. After you have practised a bit and tried out a few letters, you can start designing your greetings cards straight away.

Best wishes

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