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Wallet made out of SnapPap

Last-minute Christmas gifts

Are you still looking for a clever idea for a last-minute Christmas present? If so, we may have just the thing: a wallet made out of SnapPap, the latest craze in material that resembles leather, yet is 100% vegan! SnapPap combines the advantages of paper and fabric and is even washable. Available in the shops for craft projects, it can be sewn, cut, ironed, glued and drawn on. Your easiest option, though, would be to simply buy a ready-made wallet and personalise with a snazzy pattern with the help of edding matt paint markers.

To make this last-minute Christmas present, you’ll need:
  • a wallet made out of SnapPap
  • an edding matt paint marker (1-2 mm) in black or white, for instance
So simple to do:
  1. First, you need to decide on an attractive pattern to draw
  2. Here’s how to activate the edding matt paint marker before use: Shake the marker firmly with the cap still on, place the nib on some scrap paper and slowly pump it up and down a few times until ink fills the nib. Try out the marker first with a few test strokes
  3. And don’t forget to always replace the cap securely after use
  4. Use the matt paint marker to decorate the wallet however you wish. To give you some ideas: small circles drawn close together, line patterns or trailing flowers.
  5. The ink in these markers is completely opaque, allowing you to write just as beautifully on dark or light backgrounds