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Gift bags for Christmas

Beautifully wrapped Christmas presents

The Christmas shopping’s all done, so now all you have to do is wrap the presents in beautiful packaging! Gift bags are perfect for this, and you can decorate them any way you like with the brushpens in the edding Colour Happy Box. A gift bag is also a really practical way of presenting several small gifts. Give plain paper bags a stylish touch with the help of the Colour Happy Box – then they’ll really stand out under the Christmas tree!

  • white paper gift bags
  • Colour Happy Box containing 20 edding 1340 brushpens
  • edding 1500 Pastel Pen – Soft White
  • pencil, thin fineliner in black (e.g. the edding 1800), ruler
  • crêpe paper to match your design, to place inside the bags
So simple to do:
  1. Begin by lightly sketching out your pattern (e.g. stars, Christmas trees) onto the bag in pencil, or create your own design template that you can place inside the bag so that it shows through and you can trace over it
  2. Draw over the outlines with the black fineliner
  3. Use the brushpens to colour in the motif to your heart’s content
  4. Now take the Pastel Pen – Soft White and lighten the colours or add subtle highlights such as lighter spots on Christmas trees or pastel-coloured stars. The more you colour over an area, the more pastel the original shade becomes.
  5. Finally, give the bags extra pizzazz by topping them with coloured crêpe paper – and there, your gift bag is finished!