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Magical autumn leaves in copper tones

Magical autumn leaves in copper tones – create a warm autumn atmosphere to your home with edding gloss paint markers.

The warm colours of the autumn season of the year radiate harmony and balance. With a few simple tricks you can integrate these autumn tones into your home decorating scheme. All it takes is a bit of imagination and the copper and gold tones provided by edding’s range of paint markers. You are sure to have fun creating your own designs and you can find inspiration all around you during this golden season. 

It isn’t hard to create an autumn ambience in your own home. Simply collect a few pretty leaves in autumn colours to use as templates when you are out on a country walk. With edding gloss paint markers in copper and gold, you can decorate your designs with leaves that are guaranteed not to wilt.

For your autumn design ideas you will need: 

Step-by-step instructions - how to create your autumn designs with the edding gloss paint markers:


Activating your edding gloss paint marker correctly:

  1. Shake the pen firmly with the cap closed. 
  2. Pump the pen’s nib carefully up and down on a piece of scrap paper until ink runs into the nib.
  3. Try a few strokes with the marker on the scrap paper.
  4. Don’t forget to always put the cap on again firmly after use. 
Copper tones

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