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A Halloween door wreath

A Halloween door wreath

Happy pumpkin faces for a warm welcome!

Those who prefer Halloween to be a little less scary will love this autumn garland complete with cute little pumpkin faces. This effective decoration simply uses circles of paper with pumpkin motifs in a range of oranges and yellows. With the help of the new edding Colour Mixer and the edding 1340 brushpens, shading with a range of colours is as easy as pumpkin pie! The new Colour Happy Boxes from edding contain 20 brushpens, a Colour Mixer and much more besides, providing endless colouring fun. What’s more, you can achieve additional effects in pastel tones with the new Pastel Pen – Soft White, which is also included.

To design your pumpkin decoration, you will need

So simple to do

  • Use the compass to draw circles on the paper the size you want (approx. 4 cm diameter) and cut them out. 
  • Draw the outlines of the pumpkins in pencil.
  • Colour in the pumpkin faces first. This is where the Colour Mixer comes into its own: each colour gradient requires two brushpens – to make orange-yellow, for example, insert the orange pen in the top of the Colour Mixer and the yellow pen in the bottom, so the pen tips are touching. 
  • Hold the pens upright and wait 1-2 seconds. The yellow brushpen will now have absorbed orange ink, so you’re ready to start drawing. The line will be deep orange at first, gradually changing to yellow. 
  • The Colour Mixer allows you to mix colours any way you want. You’ll be amazed at the incredible variety of colours you can create!  
  • Additional effects in pastel tones can be achieved with the new edding 1500 Pastel Pen – Soft White.
  • Use the black pen to colour in the eyes, mouth and around the edges.
  • Punch a small hole in the motifs, insert a piece of ribbon and hang them on the garland.
  • You can use this method to create other designs, such as the word HALLOWEEN, spread out across 7 circles and joined together as bunting.

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