Carpenter holding a piece of wood

Building on Quality – with edding

Customised services provided by skilled craftspeople are an integral part of our lives. Indeed, they literally form the foundation of our society. Without the people who work in skilled crafts, there would be no house-building, no electricity supply and no heating installations.
Whatever the craft, the demands placed on the skilled workers are extremely high: working under continuous time pressures, they have to complete jobs on time and to a high level of quality and precision. Deadlines can only be met if everyone works hand in hand and teams are able to rely on each other. If things don’t run smoothly in one area, it can jeopardise the entire schedule. This can be a particular challenge on construction sites, where craftspeople work together in teams that are constantly changing. That’s why good planning, combined with team spirit and flexibility, is essential for achieving quality in any craft.

Expertise, accuracy, reliability

To be able to concentrate fully on the job in hand, a Craftsman must be able to rely on his tools at all times, whether it be a saw, a pair of pliers or a marker pen. edding offers reliable products for all kinds of marking, ranging from permanent markers and paint markers to special solutions that cater for specific requirements, enabling work to be carried out without a hitch. The finished result is easy to see. Unlike many other jobs, work progress is visible and tangible, giving everyone involved – justifiably – a sense of pride and satisfaction. This applies in particular to construction sites, where craftspeople have to tackle problems and find a solution every time – whether it’s defying the weather and keeping the building area dry, or finding a flexible workaround when having to build alongside existing buildings in a town or city. Even when improvisation is required, the motto “Building on Quality” is always the top priority.

Plumber holding a pipe

Making every project flow. Because I can.

The work of a plumbing and /or heating engineer involves water supply and air conditioning systems, sanitary installations, heating systems, solar installations, heat pumps, and much, much more. They routinely handle pipes as well as sheets and profiles made of metal or plastic.

To ensure smooth workflows, it’s essential to have reliable markings, as Peter confirms: “Every connection and every pipe has to fit perfectly so circulation can work exactly as it should, whether for a ventilation system or water supply. For example, to assemble pipes and valves with an exact fit, we mark the soldering and welding joints with edding markers. We have had excellent experience of working with permanent markers and paint markers on smooth materials like these."

Electrician holding cables

Making essential connections. Because I can.

Laying cables and connections, installing electrical equipment, testing switching systems – these are just a few of the many important tasks undertaken by electricians. When it comes to labelling cables, switch boxes and components accurately, edding offers markers with fine nibs which are ideal for electricians.

Tom has the following experience: “To lay a cable correctly or cut it at exactly the right place, it is essential to make precise markings on the cable. I find that edding has just the right products for this, including paint markers in vivid colours which produce clear markings, even on dark cables. I have also found the edding 8407 cable marker to be really practical for extra-fine writing. Plus: it’s waterproof and wear-resistant. And for those who have to hold tools when they’re working, there is the edding retract permanent marker that can be operated with one hand.”

Carpenter holding a piece of wood

Making every project into a masterpiece. Because I can.

Carpenters are specialists in building wooden roof frames, wooden structures and wooden staircases. It all starts with the blueprints. The wooden beams then have to be measured, sawn and planed, with everything cut exactly to size. Precision is absolutely the key. Reliable work tools are, therefore, indispensable for the challenging tasks tackled by carpenters.

The edding range gives them the ideal high-quality markers they need for labelling on wood. According to Alex, “we work in partnership with others and are dependent on reliable work materials to ensure an accurate final outcome. We have the same high expectations of the marker pens we use for marking beams and boards. The permanent markers and the industry painters that my father used in his time as a carpenter have proved to be particularly invaluable. And for marking drill holes, I have discovered the handy edding carpenter pen.”

Generalist standing behind bricks

Making something great – brick by brick. Because I can.

There is such a wide range of skilled crafts. Painters, bricklayers and roofers are just some of the many craft specialists who carry out the important tasks that help make any house safe and comfortable. They have challenging jobs and need tools which are totally reliable. This applies not just to machines and hand tools, but also to markers for labelling on all kinds of materials – from wood and metal to delicate ceramics. edding offers reliable products in a variety of stroke widths for virtually any demanding marking task; What’s more, they’ve proven themselves many times over in practice.


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