Turning used into useful

100% recycled aluminium – 100% proven edding quality

All of our aluminium permanent and whiteboard markers will gradually transition to 100% recycled aluminium barrels.

These markers are covering a wide range of stroke widths and up to 20 different colours per product. In the sense of the environment the transition will take place step-by-step in order to use up the old stocks of products and packaging first.

Of course the products will still have 100% proven edding quality.


Small steps, big impact

By using post-consumer recycling (PCR) aluminium we will lower our CO2e footprint significantly. Compared to the production with virgin aluminium we will save approximately 92% C02e per marker barrel!

This source is electrifying

It required extensive research and development to find the right material for our marker production and to ensure both, the high quality of the thin-walled marker barrels as well as a consistent supply.

Aluminium coming form power lines and printing plates that are no longer in use is not only ideal for recycling and repurposing but also ensures the high material purity for the quality of the marker barrels.

Other environmental benefits

Using this source for the barrels of our markers in the future has next to the CO2e reduction also additional environmental benefits:

Reduction of waste by reusing and repurposing old power lines that are no longer needed

Saving valuable resources by avoiding the use of virgin aluminium and in consequence the mining of bauxite, which can cause devastating damage to landscapes and the people who live there.