Discover edding

All sorts of numbers worth knowing from the edding production.


Ink, ink, ink

You could fill around 6,500 bath tubs with the ink we have put in our products in Bautzen since 1994.

From the earth to the sun

The distance reached by the ink in all the pens and markers produced in Bautzen would be equal to about 28 times the distance between the earth and the sun.

A lot of pallets

2,000 articulated lorries, loaded with goods, have left our production site in Bautzen over the past 16 years. That’s equivalent to some 120,000 europallets.

Production capacity

Maximum possible production capacity per day of all Bautzen assembly machines: 1 million items.

New tools

The injection-moulding tools needed for our production requirements are made by edding in its own tool-shop. We have already made 110 tools since 1994.