Brand vision

The lyrics of a well-known German song include the words: "Freedom is all that counts". Being able to express oneself – freely and individually – is part of this freedom. It is an elementary human need, which we wish to protect and foster. And who can do it better than us? After all, our products help to lend ideas their colour, shape and a unique expression all over the world, in every language and culture.

So we believe that freedom is the appropriate word to characterise the vision of the edding brand.

Brand promise

We make our customers´ ideas visible and give them the power of expression. After all, apart from supplying functional quality we also help people to give their own creativity a free rein and express their own personality - anywhere and at any time. We are the extension of our customers´hand and more than just a tool or any "no name" product for them. In their eyes we are "my edding".

Brand mission

Whether it´s an all-rounder or a highly specialized pro, we tell no-one what his or her personal freedom should look like. We provide the means and the inspiration for everyone to create his or her own particular version of freedom - with both traditional products and ideas an ongoing supply of innovative ones.


edding products are sturdy and resilient. Full-stop. This resilience also shows in the sales/turnover) figures and graphs: edding has weathered all the crises and continued to develop the brand. Proof that a corporate culture based on respect and trust works.


The wide range of products and different colours gives everyone enough scope for the most varied purposes. The brand is presented in such a way that we address and reach various target groups. For example, the pavement artist in the streets of London is just as able to realise her interpretation of freedom as the bee-keeper in German forests. It is the open, interested culture and the dialogue between the branches all over the world that accounts for the diversity of the edding brand.


The edding company has been supplying high-quality products for more than 50 years. This success can be partly attributed to the harmony between the company and the brand. Another vital success factor is the durability of the products and our decisions. Because the edding company thinks and acts with foresight: we prefer long-term success to short-term profit. This has led to a culture and know-how that are unique in this sector and will still apply tomorrow.


Our customers’ standards are extremely high. Which is a good thing. After all, edding knows no other goal than the top quality. That applies to the products and our work. edding wants to be better than the competition – on a long-term, permanent basis. edding has a knack of constantly creating innovative and really special solutions. Cheap products are not our style.

Power of expression

Power of expression means: drawing a line, determining a direction, formulating a statement: anyone who picks up an edding knows what he wants. And he knows what he will get.

edding’s power of expression is full of conviction, honestly and the certainly that what is said today will apply tomorrow, too.

Whatever we do, we do it wholeheartedly or not at all. Half-heartedness is not our way. Not on the product level, not in our personal dealings with one another or in the choice of communicative measures. Whatever edding does, it radiates positive energy that captures people’s hearts and encourages them to achieve their aims.


We want to be authentic – collectively as a brand individually as people. It is something we stand up for and we lead by example. For instance, we enjoy our work and believe in it, and what we say is consistent with what we do every day. A strength that also creates trust among our partners. And contributes towards edding’s image as a down-to-earth, positive and human company, too.


Achieving one’s own personal aims. Realising artistic impulses. Formulating an opinion clearly. Doing a job reliably. That is what edding and its staff stand for. However, edding is not only geared to artistic pursuits but also to practical issues. For edding creativity means “a solution-orientated approach” in the broadest sense of the word. And that applies to our day-to-day work, as well: Whether it’s ideas for a new product or an optimised workflow – whoever expresses himself/herself constructively is acting in exactly the same vein as edding.


edding doesn’t just look inimitably distinctive, edding also stands for clear design, clear colours, clear statements. Wherever strong convictions leave no room for compromise, whenever it’s a question of showing one’s colours – both literally and metaphorically, only edding will do. This clarity is the crucial building block of the success story and the distinguishing features of the edding brand.