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Mix up to 190 colour shades with the brush pen colour mixer and just 20 brush pens. Get your Colour Happy Edition from edding and let your creativity run free! And, what‘s your next idea?


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Brush pens in brilliant metallic colours for light and dark paper.

Colour Happy Box awarded German Design Award 2019

Winner of German Design Award 2019

The expert jury was won over by our Colour Happy Big Box, declaring us a winner in the “Excellent Communications Design” category at the internationally recognised German Design Awards 2019. The German Design Award is presented annually by the German Design Council, established in 1953 by Germany’s parliament, the Bundestag.

For more information, go to the official German Design Award website.

Colour Happy Basic Box

Up to 190 colour shades from just 20 brush pens and new brush pen colour mixer for free!

Colour Happy Big Box

69 perfectly coordinated pens plus the new and innovative brush pen colour mixer. The perfect selection of pens, nibs and stroke widths in one box. The Colour Happy Big Box allows you to enhance your brush lettering, colouring, colouring-in or sketching skills, and to let your creativity run wild.

Happy Lettering Set

Happy Lettering Set

The perfect starter set for hand lettering on light paper – and now also on dark paper! Includes free brush pen colour mixer and gift tags! 

Colour shading made easy

Instruction for the Colour Happy colour mixer

Brush pen colour mixer


Colouring 2.0.: Thanks to the innovative brush pen colour mixer*, you can easily mix two e-1340 brush pen or e-1340 metallic brush pen colours to create a smooth colour gradient.

  • First, take the pen you want to draw with and clip it into the bottom of the colour mixer.
  • Next, take the first colour for your gradient and insert it at the top of the colour mixer, pushing down until the pen tips are just touching.
  • Hold in an upright position. The longer the tips are touching, the more ink will transfer to the lower pen. Usually, 1-2 seconds is sufficient.
  • Now remove the lower brush pen and you’re ready to start. You can colour in an area or add hand lettering in colour gradients to produce a vibrant effect.

Why not keep going and create a whole rainbow of colour gradients? When you’ve finished the first one, simply switch the lower pen to the top of the colour mixer and add a new colour at the bottom to create seamless progressions of colour to create a stunning rainbow effect!Inside the box sleeve of our Colour Happy Sets, you'll find ideas to inspire you, plus a short guide to hand lettering and instructions for using the brush pen colour mixer.

Remember to work with one type of product at a time. Don't mix metallics with standard colours.

Please note that the brush pen colour mixer is only included with the three box sets in the Colour Happy Edition range. Happy colouring!

*) Brush pen colour mixer: manufactured under licence.

Hints and tips

Try colours from one colour scheme, e.g. blues and greens, or colours close to each other on the colour palette e.g. yellow and bright reds to achieve complimentary colour shades. Colour shading is more visible with light and bright colours.

Lovely brush lettering

Brush lettering example
brush lettering with edding

Want to re-create your favourite quote? Now it’s easy to achieve your own brush lettering with our soft and flexible brush pens. The e-1340 brush pens feature by 20 beautiful, bright and intensive colours. In brush lettering, characters are being painted on particularly smooth paper by changing pressure on the brush nib: You can create broad downward strokes by applying heavy pressure or fine upward strokes by decreasing the pressure. You might find it easier to practice with pencil guidelines first. There are no strict rules as with traditional calligraphy. Try different kinds of fonts, shapes of characters, add ornaments or embellishments to create your artwork in brush lettering style of your choice.

Additionally you can use the brushpen colour mixer to add colour shadings to your brush lettering and create a special effect.

We offer many ideas and inspirations with step-by-step tutorials. Or buy your very own Colour Happy Box now which offers hints and tricks on the back of the sleeve. Already a lettering enthusiast? But want more colours, more nibs and eager to try new techniques? Check out the Colour Happy Big Box.

Outlining and colouring-in

Outlining with the edding 1800
Monstera art work

If you enjoy colouring-in relaxing patterns, you are sure to find just the right tone thanks to the choice of 30 bright colours of the e-1300 colourpen. However, if you prefer to create your own templates, the e-1800 profipen guarantees fine outlines thanks to the fine metal-shrouded precision nib and pigmented ink. Or alternately try the e-55 fineliner to create finer detail, and if it is pastel tones you are after, the new Pastel Pen – Soft White is the perfect complimentary pen to all our outlining and colouring solutions. Discover the Colour Happy Big Box for your ultimate creative escape!

Highlights in light, semi-transparent white and delicate pastel tones

Pastel Pen – soft white

The Pastel Pen - Soft White is the ultimate answer to painting and writing in white, as well as creating infinite pastel tones. With its water-based, pigmented ink it produces a light, semi-transparent white effect, perfect for colouring white spots, and even looks great on dark coloured paper! You can even control how intense you would like your white: Colour once to create a light, semi-transparent tone, let dry and colour again to intensify the tone and thus, increase the opacity.

In combination with edding fibrepens e.g. edding 1300 colourpen you can create endless pastels tones! First use colourpens, then use the Pastel Pen to turn a bright pink into a lighter pink or even into a delicate and pale pastel pink – it’s your decision.

Hints and tips

Try the Pastel Pen - Soft White to add a special touch to your brush lettering too! And use the brushpen colour mixer to create brush letterings in multi-tonal effects!

Add a special effect by using the Pastel Pen to write on light paper and afterwards colour over it with bright fibrepens: Only now will the writing appear!

Creative ideas