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What can I do when the ink from my edding paint marker looks faint?

These edding markers write with a pigment-based ink. Because of these pigments, the colour is very intense and attains a high coverage on a variety of materials.

Pigments are tiny colour particles distributed evenly throughout the ink. When the marker has been stored for a length of time with the nib facing upwards the tiny colour particles sink to the bottom of the ink tank. When used again the ink may appear faint.

Our tip: replace the cap and shake the edding marker vigorously until you can hear the ball in the ink tank moving. This mixes the pigments evenly throughout the ink and makes the colour intense again.

How can I replace the marker nib of the edding paint markers 750, 751, 780 or 8750?

The nib of the edding paint markers were designed to be replaced easily. To replace the nib, simply use a pair of pliers or a similar tool to pull out the defective nib and insert the new one. Then replace the cap and re-activate the marker.

Replacement nibs for the edding 750, 751, 780 and 8750 paint markers are available in all good stationers.

How can I replace the nib of the edding 3000, 3300, No. 1, 400, 404, 500, 550, 800 or 850 permanent markers?

To replace the nib, remove the cap and unscrew the mouthpiece. Press the mouthpiece containing the nib onto a firm surface – for protection, place a piece of cardboard underneath it – to push the nib out of the other end of the mouthpiece. Then use a pair of pliers or a similar tool to grip the protruding end of the nib and pull it out completely. Insert the new nib into the mouthpiece from the rear and on a firm surface, carefully press it into the proper position. For the edding 3000 permanent marker, this means that the nib should protrude approx. 6.0 mm beyond the mouthpiece and the edding 850 permanent marker should protrude approx. 8.0 mm. Now screw the mouthpiece back onto the barrel. You will be able to write again with the marker as soon as the nib is saturated with ink. Replace the cap after use.

Replacement nibs for the edding permanent markers are available in all good stationers.

What should I know about before using an edding paint marker?

The paint markers’ ventilation system

The edding paint markers (e.g. edding 750) achieve their great coverage by using inks with large pigment particles. The ink is pumped out through the nib using a sophisticated ventilation system.

This is why you have to activate paint markers before using them for the first time:

1. Shake the marker before use

Shake the paint marker with the cap on. A small metal ball in the tank mixes the pigments evenly before use.

2. Prepare the paint marker for use

Press the nib down slowly several times on a suitable writing surface. This pressure opens a valve, allowing the ink to flow out of the tank into the nib. It may take a little time for the ink to reach the nib. You will know when it is ready because the nib will take on colour. Test the marker on a piece of absorbent paper that won’t bleed until the ink is flowing freely.

Important: Once the nib is saturated with ink it cannot absorb any more. In this event, stop pressing the nib to avoid splotches. For this reason also, the nib should be used until empty before pressing again.

3. Important: Replace the cap after use.

If the marker is left with the cap off for extended periods the solvent can evaporate causing the nib to dry out. This leaves the dry pigments in the nib and can prevent new ink from flowing. In this case, use the dry nib until it is clear before pressing the marker to re-activate the ink.

The marker’s nib was designed to be replaced easily, if necessary. We offer replacement nibs for the edding 750, 751, 780 and 8750 paint markers.

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