EcoLine: Why EcoLine?

The evolution of the EcoLine

Changing the world with edding.

Market research shows that more than 80% of consumers place great importance on companies handling raw materials in a responsible manner. edding couldn't agree more. That's why we have always been consistent in our use of recycled materials and renewable resources for the EcoLine.

Thanks to ongoing research and development, we have now succeeded in using post-consumer recycled material. These post-consumer plastics are obtained from plastic waste, e.g. from households and industry. For example, empty yoghurt pots, old watering cans and discarded plastic buckets are turned into new resources for use in our production.

The permanent, whiteboard and flipchart markers in our EcoLine range are made from 83% post-consumer plastics - consequently, from 90% recycled material in total. Apart from ensuring the sustainable use of materials, edding is also cutting down on ist production of virgin material.

We're convinced: each consistently implemented measure makes the world that little bit greener. Why not get on board?

We're saving 83 tonnes of CO2!

For the sake of the environment: We're saving 83 tonnes of CO2!

Thanks to the sustainable use of post-consumer plastics, edding is recycling plastic waste, significantly reducing its production of virgin material, and therefore preventing the emission of up to 83 tonnes of CO2 every year! This amount of CO2 would be enough for a car to travel around the world 10 times.

Post-Consumer Recycling

Corporate responsibility

At edding, the careful use of natural resources is not the product of the recent change in attitudes but, instead, has always been part of the corporate philosophy developed by our founders.

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EcoLine brochure

EcoLine brochure

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