edding 31 EcoLine flipchart marker black
edding 31 EcoLine flipchart marker red
edding 31 EcoLine flipchart marker blue
edding 31 EcoLine flipchart marker green
  • thickness
  • cap offcap off
  • recycledrecycled
  • refillablerefillable

edding 31 flipchart marker

The flipchart marker edding 31 with bullet nib is ideal for writing on flipcharts and its long cap-off time ensures extended smooth use of the marker even when the cap is not replaced for up to several weeks. Sustainable design - the edding 31 is made largely from recycled post-consumer material.

  • Sustainable flipchart markers - at least 90% of the total plastic used is made from recycled material (83% post-consumer)
  • Ideal for writing and marking on flipchart paper, presentation paper and cards.
  • Ink formula provides truly brilliant colours that do not bleed through
  • Can be left with the cap off for a number of weeks without drying out
  • Refillable with edding FTK 25 refill system
  • Bullet nib with approx. 1.5-3 mm stroke width
  • Colours: black, red, blue and green

Other environmentally friendly features:

  • Filter fibres for this EcoLine whiteboard marker are made from recycled material
  • Waste reduction as they can be refilled
  • Spare nibs available
  • EcoLine flipchart marker with paper label
  • Polypropylene is an environmentally friendly material which is low in pollutants when burned and which does not pollute the groundwater when disposed of at a landfill site
The flipchart marker 31 from the edding EcoLine range for writing and marking on flipcharts.

Post-Consumer Recycling


edding 31 EcoLine Packaging

The edding 31 packaging is made entirely of cardboard.

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EcoLine brochure

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