January 14, 2016

Enjoy moments of happiness through colouring and zendoodling

Everyone’s talking about Zendoodle right now. Originally from the USA, this trend is now fast becoming hugely popular in several countries. It is a drawing technique that brings meditative relaxation and emotional balance into our everyday lives.

edding Tangle Colouring Set with 10 colours

Starting off with just a few strokes, these are built up, little by little, turning into patterns  which, when joined together, result in a small work of art. With this technique, it is possible to create beautiful images on paper using fine-tipped black pens - and by choosing the appropriate edding products, they can also be applied to many other different materials and surfaces.

Zendoodling, art therapy and mandalas – three simple, easy-to-learn, creative techniques to calm the mind, de-stress and unwind. Enjoy moments of happiness when colouring and tangling with the new edding sets that have been specially developed for these techniques.

The edding Zendoodle Outline Set contains three black edding 1800 precision fineliners in a choice of stroke widths suitable for light-coloured paper, plus a silver edding 2185 gel roller for dark paper. With its flexible brush tip, the edding 1340 brushpen can be used to colour in either the finished patterns or pre-drawn colouring pictures. The new edding 1340 Zendoodle Colouring Set comes with ten vibrant colours. Both sets contain detailed instructions to help everyone (even beginners) get started on this rewarding hobby. For colouring in the designs, edding also recommends the edding 1200 and 1300 fibre pens and the edding 55 fineliner.

What’s more, the pens have different stroke widths and all the colours are carefully coordinated, so they work beautifully together. The fibre pens are offered in attractive, high-quality gift boxes of metal. The big advantage when using colouring books is that the ink will not bleed through the paper.

Because edding offers such a broad product range, these drawing techniques can be applied not just to paper but with the appropriate markers also to a variety of other surfaces and materials such as porcelain, textiles or stone - the sky’s the limit when it comes to new ideas!

Inspirations for creative applications can be found online here.

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