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Atmospheric lantern

Decorate Chinese lantern-style lights

This decorative chain of lights will create a magical atmosphere during the Christmas season– use it to adorn windows, walls or door frames. What’s more, this glass lantern with its stylish hand lettering will provide additional mood lighting.

To really put these decorative celebration lights under the spotlight, we used edding gloss paint markers – ideal for adding shimmering, opaque designs in stunning metallic shades on a variety of surfaces.

To design your Chinese lantern-style string lights, you will need:

  • String of mini Chinese lanterns
  • edding 751 gloss paint marker (approx. 1-2 mm stroke width) there are 18 opaque colours in the range, including brilliant metallic shades, why not try: Copper (055) or Gold (053)
  • Why not try: Copper (055) or Gold (053)
  • For the star stencil: thin card, scissors, pencil

Additional items needed for the glass lantern:

  • Cylinder-shaped lantern made of sturdy glass
  • Paper, pencil, edding 32000 permanent marker - black
Step-by-Step instructions

Before you start, please activate your edding gloss paint marker as follows:

  • Shake the marker firmly with the cap still on
  • Place the nib on a piece of scrap paper and carefully pump it up and down a few times until ink fills the nib
  • Start by writing a few test strokes on the paper
  • Replace the cap securely after use

For the string lights

  • Draw the stars freehand or with a template
  • Making your own stencil is easy: simply draw a star on the card, cut it out and you’re left with a perfect template so that your stars will all look the same
  • Place the stencil over the lantern and draw the outline using the gloss paint marker
  • Colour in the star with the gloss paint marker
  • 3-4 stars will fit on each lantern, depending on size

For the glass lantern

  • Draw the design or hand lettering in full size on paper first, then place it inside the lantern so the pattern or writing shows through
  • Draw over it using the gloss paint marker, then colour it in whatever way you wish, perhaps adding some special stylish touches to the hand lettering
Design your own Chinese lanterns and glass lantern