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Craft idea for a New Year’s celebration

A surprise confetti shower

A New Year’s party should always go off with a bang, so why not surprise your guests with this fun party idea: blow into the bag, burst it – and it releases a shower of confetti! It’s quick to make and will keep the whole family amused. All you need for each bag is confetti in the shape of lucky four-leaf clovers, a paper bag and a straw and – most important of all – an edding gel roller to decorate the bag.

The special, odour-free gel ink in the edding 2185 gel roller makes writing and drawing a pleasure: it’s ready to use and glides effortlessly over the paper, and with our selection of 16 colours for you to choose from, it works well on either dark paper (use pastels and metallics for this) or light-coloured paper.

To make this craft idea for New Year, you will need:

Step-by-Step instructions
  • Using the gel roller, write your message on the paper bag – a New Year’s greeting, or perhaps some decorative images or good luck symbols
  • Stick a few bits of confetti on the outside to liven up the design
  • Fill the bags with confetti
  • Cut a slit near the top edge of the bag and push the straw through, leaving a short section sticking out
  • Fold over the edge of the bag and seal it all the way round with sticky tape
  • Blow into the bag and then burst it with your hand
  • This results in a loud bang followed by a shower of lucky confetti!

As a novelty and a bit of fun, these bags are great for popping at all kinds of other occasions, especially birthdays.

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